Machine Foam & Wool Pads

Tailored for use with polishing compounds and pads on a polishing machine, these tools effectively eliminate paint defects and scratches, preparing the surface for the final ….

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…. application of a sealant. This process enhances the maximum shine and protection on painted surfaces. However, scratches that reach down to the primer cannot be salvaged and require repainting. Unfortunately, there isn't a standardized naming convention for these pads. Terms like polishing foam, polishing sponge, buffing pad, cutting pad, etc., are often used interchangeably. Additionally, pad colors do not consistently correlate with specific applications, hardness, or abrasiveness levels. Nonetheless, there's a general guideline for pairing pads with compounds/polishes:

  • Deep scratches, yellowed surfaces - Use a hard/firm pad or lambswool with a cutting compound
  • "Normal" scratches, car wash-induced damage - Employ a medium pad with a fine-cut compound
  • Contaminants, holograms - Apply a soft pad with a high-gloss polis

Microfiber pads are unique and suitable for various processes. Cutting pads are for use with abrasive/fine-cut compounds, while finish pads achieve high gloss.

For more specifics, please refer to the product descriptions. You'll find the recommended compound/polish from each manufacturer listed under each pad.