Finish / Swirl Remover

Menzerna offers two anti-hologram polishes for achieving the best high-gloss finish, even on dark paints. They can be processed using a soft polishing foam with a machine or manually ….

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…. with a soft hand pad. It is recommended to use a free-spinning dual-action polisher or one with a low throw of approximately +/- 8 mm. In our assortment, we carry the 3500, which removes fine scratches and holograms, even on highly sensitive colors like solid black. The 3800 contains even smaller abrasive particles and is the finest Menzerna polishing compound for the ultimate finish.

Our recommendation:

  • The finish achieved after using Menzerna 3500 is excellent. The surface is well-prepared for the application of a sealant/wax
  • Commercial users who strive for the utmost perfection and do not desire any fillers should opt for the 3800