Pre cleaners

Before washing the car, all dirt that cannot be removed with shampoo is removed. Here are the most well-known types with the best cleaners. The magic formula for car washing ….

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…. is to loosen stubborn dirt with as little scrubbing as possible. The listed tough cases require special pre-cleaners that are specifically designed for the type of dirt. Road rust, insects, resins, and tar are the most well-known and challenging candidates on this list. Car shampoo only loosens "common" road dirt. Extreme contamination often cannot be completely removed even after multiple washes.

When properly dosed, the pre-cleaner is gentle on the surface and the environment. Thorough cleaning is achieved with a minimal amount of active ingredients, resulting in the best outcome. Without much rubbing or brushing, thus minimizing scratches.

Our recommendation:

  • Cleaners work better when applied with a brush. Professionals like to use a foamer with cleaners
  • Wipe afterwards with damp, soft microfiber cloths such as ProfiPolish Basic and rinse with plenty of water