Heavy Cut

Menzerna polishing pastes remove deep scratches and restore a fresh shine to yellowed paint. The highest level of abrasion is achieved by Heavy Cut Green Line 300, followed by a fine ….

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…. abrasive paste and high-gloss polish. Heavy Cut 400 is slightly milder and requires only a high-gloss polish for a very good result, without the need for an intermediate step with a fine abrasive paste. Machine application is recommended using a rotary or dual-action polisher (with a minimum 15mm throw) and a firm polishing foam pad. Alternatively, a lambswool pad can be used to increase the abrasion effect. Manual application is possible with a hand pad.

Our recommendation:

  • Remove deep scratches with Heavy Cut HC400 and a lambswool pad
  • Polish to a high gloss using Super Finish Plus 3800 and a soft polishing pad.

You can find suitable pads and accessories in the product description on carparts.koeln. We offer Menzerna products online at very favorable conditions and also have a physical store with counter sales in Cologne.