PXE Pad / HEX / Plate

FLEX Battery Mini Polisher with 18.8 volts can be optimized for various applications in vehicle care, thanks to a variety of accessories. Here are all the FLEX polishing pads  ….

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…. from Ø 40 mm to 80 mm, sorted from hard to soft, backing plates, and HEX attachments for the compatible FS140 shaft.

Here's the rule of thumb for foam application:

  • Woll - very abrasive, enhances the abrasive effect for sanding compound
  • Green - very hard for sanding compound
  • Blackberry - hard for sanding compound and fine sanding compound
  • Orange - medium-hard for fine sanding compound and high-gloss polish
  • Red/White - very soft for high-gloss polish / anti-hologram and wax