ProfiPolish offers a range of top-quality microfiber products from Korea in the finest 70/30 blend, as well as polishing pads made from foam material "Made in ….

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….Germany". The assembly of pads and cloths is perfected through packaging in a resealable, high-quality bag.

The products are designed and constantly developed with experienced detailers. Many years of experience in car care are the foundation for introducing a new product to the market. Variables such as environmental sustainability and production conditions in the country of origin are important criteria for ProfiPolish, which are equally focused on during the selection process. ProfiPolish sources from the same suppliers as the automotive industry and renowned care product manufacturers.

  • Our recommendation:
  • Super thick and plush, the Cirtus Towel is a classic among polishing cloths
  • A dry car after washing, using just one cloth, is guaranteed with the Twin Twister
  • Possibly the best glass cloth and a top seller, the two-sided cloth Cloudless
  • Bundle offers 10-packs of top-quality products at a favorable price for professional detailers