Everyone knows it, some use it daily, but few know that "flexen" (to grind/cut with an angle grinder) has its origins in an invention by FLEX, formerly known as ….

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…. Ackermann + Schmitt. In 1935, Ackermann + Schmitt introduced a low-speed angle grinder to the market, and in 1954, they released the first high-speed angle grinder with the model designation DL 9. Over the following decades, the term "FLEX" became synonymous with angle grinders, and "flexen" completely replaced the less smooth verb "trennschleifen" (to cut/grind) in colloquial language. This is also how it is listed in the Duden, a German dictionary.

Currently, FLEX offers a comprehensive range of high-quality power tools. The PE14-1180, for example, rotates at a powerful 1400 watts from as low as 250 rpm.

As we have been a FLEX trading partner for many years and have had excellent experiences with these devices, we can wholeheartedly recommend FLEX polishing machines for vehicle detailing.

NEW: The free manufacturer's warranty extension from FLEX provides an extended warranty period of 3 years. Simply register the machine within 30 days of purchase and benefit from it. The warranty conditions and registration can be found on the FLEX website.