Diamond ProTech

Diamond ProTech is a relatively young brand from Switzerland that will soon be known as "the brand with diamonds." The manufacturer behind it, NGNT (New Generation ….

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…. Nano Technologies), has found a way to incorporate diamond-like carbon structures into the well-known PHPS compounds used in coatings. Within this patented formulation, they offer a complete range of SiO2 coatings for paint, glass, trim, wheels, and interiors, catering to both end consumers and professional clients. With durability of up to five or ten years with a single application, Diamond ProTech coatings provide an extremely tough protective shield against corrosion, abrasion, UV radiation, scratches, and temperature fluctuations (up to 1430 °C).

Diamond ProTech coatings place special emphasis on user-friendliness, offering the simplest application process and exceptionally fast drying time.

New in 2024 will be the introduction of a dedicated Diamond ProTech PRO line where you can get yourself access via online webinars: https://services.diamondprotech.com/de/