Shampoo & Bucket

The basic equipment for car enthusiasts includes shampoo specifically designed for vehicle cleaning and a wash bucket. Car shampoo offers various functions and ….

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…. benefits, including:

  1. Dirt removal: Car shampoo contains surfactants that help to loosen dirt, dust, mud, and other contaminants from the surface of the vehicle. It facilitates the removal of stubborn stains such as bird droppings, insect residues, or tar
  2. Protection of the vehicle surface: High-quality car shampoos often also contain waxes or sealants that leave a protective film on the surface of the vehicle. This film can help water to bead off better and prevent dirt from adhering as easily. This protection can help safeguard the paint from discoloration, oxidation, and other environmental influences
  3. Paint care: Car shampoo is specially formulated not to damage the vehicle's paint. It typically does not contain aggressive chemicals that could harm the paint. Instead, it includes ingredients that clean the paint while treating it gently, resulting in a shiny and clean appearance
  4. pH-neutral: Many car shampoos are pH-neutral or slightly acidic to ensure they do not affect the pH balance of the paint. A pH-neutral cleaner prevents the formation of lime or water spots and can minimize the risk of damage

Foaming: Car shampoos often produce a thick foam that facilitates the washing process. The foam helps to loosen and emulsify dirt, making it easier to rinse off offers wash buckets from various manufacturers with a capacity of 18.9 liters. The accessories in our range, such as dirt screens, lids, etc., are compatible with each other

Our recommendation:

  • Use the 2-bucket wash method - one bucket for dirty water and another for clean water during the second round
  • White and translucent buckets allow for easy identification of the degree of water contamination
  • Always use a dirt screen in the bucket with dirty water