Using a soft long-fiber wash glove is highly recommended for car washing. This glove effectively protects the paint and offers several advantages. It cleans the paint gently ….

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…. without causing scratches and safely picks up dirt particles. Additionally, it allows for an even distribution of cleaning agents and provides comfort and good handling. The long-fiber wash glove is ergonomic and helps to clean hard-to-reach areas as well. Regular cleaning and removal of dirt particles are important to avoid possible scratches. Overall, the long-fiber wash glove is an essential tool for effectively preserving and maintaining the paint during car washing.

All our wash gloves are safe to use and offer a good selection of colors and designs. The wash glove should have long fibers, be soft to plush, and not absorb too much water, otherwise it will slip off the hand and the bucket will quickly empty.

Our recommendation:

  • We were convinced by the performance and appearance of the ProfiPolish Coral Wash Mitt, a top-quality wash glove
  • On the other hand, flat variants (e.g., White Shorty) fit into every crevice, clean seams and air ducts, and are also suitable for wheel cleaning