CarPro is one of the world's leading...

CarPro is one of the world's leading suppliers of ceramic coatings. Research and development at CarPro Industries are based in Korea, where durability and resistance of a paint coating is of greater importance than in Europe due to the extreme environmental conditions (temperature, UV rays, acid rain). Benefit from the know-how of a global player from Asia!

CQuartz is a silicon-based nanotechnology paint coating that keeps potential dangers such as UV rays, washing processes, dirt and grime away from the paint for approx. 12 months. The CQuartz UK-Edition was developed especially for European conditions and is popular with private and commercial users alike.

IronX Cleaner is a pH-neutral cleaner that removes iron or rust particles from all surfaces on the vehicle. Excellent brake dust remover too and therefore also an excellent wheel cleaner.

CarPro also offers a wide range of clever problem solvers such as tar removers, odour killers, plastic care products and many more.