Maintenance Series

CarPro Maintenance products have become almost more popular than the CQuartz ceramic series. Leading the pack is the classic IronX, the "mother of all iron removers, ….

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…. " the first of its kind" on the market with the popular color-changing indicator. A variant of this formula is TriX, a combination of IronX and the tar remover called TarX, which is ideal for wheel cleaning.

CarPro polishes have become legendary. The highly abrasive ClearCut and UltraCut set benchmarks in efficiency and speed, and the Essence Hybrid Polish is now indispensable as a finishing product in the professional sector.

Popular products for the washing routine include Reset, a shampoo without any gloss-enhancing or disturbing ingredients, as well as the silicon-based quick detailers Ech2O and Elixir.