BLO Car Dryer

There are good reasons why it's recommended to let a car air dry after washing. BLO Car Dryers are an affordable solution that combines all the benefits. When drying the ….

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…. car with a cloth or towel, there is a risk of dirt particles scratching the vehicle's surface. Air drying allows water to evaporate naturally without creating friction on the paint surface. Another advantage is that water droplets evaporate evenly, leaving no residues or water spots on the surface.

On the other hand, drying the car with a cloth can result in water spots, especially if the cloth is not sufficiently clean.

Air drying the car requires little time and minimal effort compared to manual drying. Air drying allows water to evaporate evenly from all areas of the vehicle, including hard-to-reach spots like door handles, mirrors, and edges. This ensures thorough drying of the entire car.

The current BLO Car Dryer range offers 3 different drying devices:

  • BLO-S as an entry-level device with a powerful 1200 Watt motor. Space-saving and ideal for cars and motorcycles.
  • BLO-RS with a 2800 Watt motor and infinitely adjustable air volume, max power 5.5 HP.
  • BLO-GT for professionals with two 1200 Watt motors and infinitely adjustable air volume, max power 8 HP.

As the importer of the BLO Car Dryer brand in Germany, you can purchase all products affordably online at Feel free to visit us in Cologne for in-person advice at the sales counter.