Q² Coatings Series

The GYEON Q² series is the centerpiece of the GYEON portfolio. Nearly all components of a car can be protected from environmental influences with GYEON silicon-based ….

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…. coatings. The applied protective layer provides an extremely deep gloss that enhances all surfaces with a durability ranging from 12 to 60 months. Dirt adheres less, aggressive chemicals have no chance, and aging caused by UV radiation is minimized. The appearance and value of your vehicle are increased. The results are particularly impressive on pearl-colored and dark solid paints.

If you prefer not to apply the coating yourself, we are happy to connect you with an authorized GYEON detailer who will assess your vehicle. You can purchase all GYEON products online or visit us at our physical store, the Super Store in Cologne-Kalk.

GYEON training sessions for proper application can be booked at: GYEON.de.