Master / Blaster series

The Air Force Blaster is a popular product line from MetroVac, consisting of high-velocity air dryers primarily designed for drying vehicles, especially motorcycles, cars, and ….

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…. other recreational vehicles. These dryers are used to quickly and efficiently remove water from the surface of the vehicle after washing, preventing water spots and streaks.

The Air Force Blaster dryers are known for their powerful airflow, capable of drying a vehicle in a fraction of the time it would take with conventional methods like towels or leather.

MetroVac offers several models of Air Force Blasters with varying power levels and features to cater to different user requirements. Some models are portable and handheld, while others are larger and suitable for professional use. These dryers are constructed from durable materials to withstand regular use.

MetroVac is an established brand in the world of car care and, to our knowledge, one of the first providers of automotive air dryers.

  • The handy Blaster Sidekick SK-1 is suitable for drying small areas and motorcycles
  • The MetroVac Air Force Blaster B3-CD is equipped with 4 HP and is designed for hobbyist use, more than sufficient for drying a vehicle
  • The powerful Air Force Master Blaster VMB-3CD is an 8 HP drying unit suitable for professionals or dedicated enthusiasts