GYEON is a Korean manufacturer of paint care and finishing products tailored to the needs of detailing enthusiasts and the requirements of professional vehicle detailers. At GYEON ….

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…. they value modern and reliable technologies, and their products have a correspondingly high standard of quality. Their clear mission is to offer highly technological products at a moderate price.

The GYEON product range primarily consists of state-of-the-art silicon-based (SiO2) ceramic coatings for various surfaces, providing long-lasting, high-quality surface protection. They also offer a range of useful auxiliary products for the reliable maintenance of this protection. is an official partner of the German importer and offers the entire GYEON product lineup online and in their Super Store in Cologne.

If you're looking for long-lasting surface protection for your vehicle with months of durability or a quick but enduring maintenance solution, GYEON is the brand you should try. Special attention should be given to ceramic coatings such as Q² Mohs EVO, as well as top sellers like Q²M Bathe+ and Q²M WetCoat.

Various GYEON training sessions on different topics can be booked through the manufacturer's website: