Microfiber Madness

Microfiber Madness designs, manufactures, and distributes innovative microfiber products for enthusiasts and professionals. Since 2013, this brand has become extremely popular ….

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…. worldwide in the car care scene, with products like the Incredimitt or the Dry Me Crazy Towel consistently ranking high in annual popularity rankings.The success of MM is based on two factors: the microfiber production facilities are located in Korea, not China. This guarantees a much higher quality standard for the products and provides a clear conscience as safety regulations, environmental and health protection have a much higher priority in Korea than in other countries.

Furthermore, all MM products for car washing (Incredi-Mitt/Pad, etc.) are actually Made in Germany, ensuring an even higher quality standard and supporting the local production industry. By purchasing an Incredimitt, for example, you are actively contributing to the German job market and acquiring a premium product that is proven to be state of the art. Considering this background, the slightly higher price of the products is understandable and justified in our opinion.