Numerous automobile manufacturers rely on pastes and polishes from Menzerna. Founded in 1888 in Pforzheim by Friedrich Menzer ….

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…. Menzerna  polishing compounds are now one of the global leaders in the automotive segment. Originally established as a chemical factory, Menzerna began producing polishing agents for various applications in the 1930s. The company initially focused on the automotive sector, developing high-quality polishing compounds for vehicle paint preparation and restoration.

Over the years, Menzerna has expanded its product portfolio, now offering a variety of polishing compounds for different industries, including automotive, marine, aviation, metal processing, and more. The company has earned a reputation for producing high-quality products and is recognized by professional users worldwide.

Menzerna is headquartered in Ötigheim, Germany, and operates its production facilities there as well. The company places a strong emphasis on research and development to create innovative polishing solutions and continuously improve its product range.

The range extends from highly abrasive cutting pastes to fine polishing pastes and anti-hologram polish with the finest abrasive particles. The "Premium Pad" program with color-coded polishing foams ensures the desired polishing result. Sealers/Detailers complete the offering. Ideal container sizes starting from 250 ml are sufficient for treating a car. 

Overview by Cutting Action (Cut) and Gloss Level (Gloss)

(Cut): 10 - (Gloss): 6 Menzerna SHC300 Super Heavy Cut Green Line 300
(Cut): 9 - (Gloss): 7 Menzerna HC400 Heavy Cut 400
(Cut): 6 - (Gloss): 7 Menzerna MC2200 Medium Cut Polish
(Cut): 5 - (Gloss): 7 Menzerna MC2500 Medium Cut
(Cut): 2 - (Gloss): 10 Menzerna SF3500 Super Finish
(Cut): 2 - (Gloss): 10 Menzerna SF3800 Super Finish Plus
(Cut): 2 - (Gloss): 10 Menzerna PP Ultra Power Protect Ultra 100% Silicon free
(Cut): 0 - (Gloss): 10 Menzerna ES500 Endless Shine Detailing Spray

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