A coating provides a deep gloss on painted surfaces, protects against scratches and UV radiation, and prevents dirt adhesion. Coatings have become increasingly popular in ...

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…. recent years, even among professional detailers who now have the choice between traditional hard wax for vintage cars, one-step preparations for lease returns, or coatings for all other vehicles. Coatings have also become a viable alternative for private hobbyists: they are affordable and no more complicated to apply than regular wax, yet offer significantly higher performance than traditional hard waxes or polymer sealants.

All coatings are based on a ceramic component, typically silicon dioxide, sometimes titanium dioxide, or another rare earth metal. These elements are responsible for the unique water-repellent effect (Lotus effect) and excellent self-cleaning properties: dirt adheres less easily and can be rinsed off more effortlessly. Additionally, all coatings provide high UV protection and establish a strong, long-lasting bond with the paint on a physical level. This is why a vehicle coated with a coating maintains a top-notch appearance even after years of use, significantly reducing typical signs of fading on paint, plastics, or headlights.

In addition to coatings for the paint, there are also specialized coatings available for other surfaces that are subject to different stresses or are made of different materials: wheels, windows, plastics, convertible tops, and even interior fabrics such as leather or carpets.

A key difference compared to regular wax is the necessity to thoroughly degrease the surface before applying the coating. IPA alone is not sufficient for the wide range of available sealing products; a dedicated degreaser such as GYEON Prep or CarPro Eraser should be used.

Maintaining a coating is simple, requiring regular washing with a wax-free shampoo (e.g., GYEON Bathe) and periodic decontamination every 3-6 months using an iron remover, as well as an alkaline or acidic cleaner as needed. is one of the largest online providers of coatings in Germany. With over 25 years of experience and as an importer of many manufacturers, we are a qualified partner. We can provide comprehensive advice on the application and processing of brands such as Gyeon, CarPo, Meguiars, KochChemie, Labocosmetica, and Sonax.