There is not much to say about the brand SONAX...

There is not much to say about the brand SONAX - market leader in Germany, omnipresent, not very sexy but quite ok.

Our raison d'être has always been that we offer products that are not available at every corner. That's why we gave the brand a wide berth for a long time. However, Hoffmann Mineral (the real name of the manufacturer) in Neuburg on the Danube is not asleep - in recent years, the Upper Bavarians have caught up big time in the detailing industry and landed some real hits with few products that -with big respect- we do not want to bypass. Because SONAX nowadays is not only a DIY market brand but above all one of the largest polish manufacturers in all of Europe supplying countless other well-known brands with its very special self-mined raw materials (Neuburg Siliceous Earth).

Right at the top is the quite new PROFILINE with self-developed high-performance abrasive compounds and polishes, followed by the Xtreme Line with technologically innovative detailing products such as shampoos and sprays with modern ceramic components. Our range is rounded off with an individual selection of recommended products from the DIY line.