There is a lot to say about the brand SONAX - market leader in Germany, ubiquitous, conservative, and reliable, a former Formula 1 sponsor, and represented at ….

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.... every gas station with a few products on the shelves. Our reason for existence has always been that we offer products that are not available on every corner. That's why we avoided the brand for a long time. However, SONAX in Neuburg an der Donau is not asleep either. In recent years, the Bavarians have made significant progress in the detailing scene and have scored some real hits with a few products that we don't want to overlook out of respect. Because SONAX is no longer just a hardware store brand, but also impossible to ignore in the enthusiast and detailing scene. Leading the pack is the PROFILINE with self-developed high-performance polishing pastes and compounds, followed by the Xtreme Line with technologically innovative detailing products like shampoo and sprays with a modern ceramic component. Completing our range is a personalized selection of recommended products from the Classic Line. You can purchase the entire SONAX range online at our webshop, or you can visit us at the Super Store in Köln Kalk for in-store counter sales.