Heavy Cut Compound

The paste with the highest abrasive effect is the abrasive polishing paste, which removes scratches and restores yellowed, UV-damaged paints ….

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…. The sandy feeling of the abrasive particles (felt between fingertips) is no longer noticeable in modern polishing pastes of the latest generations. Solvents are used for high abrasion nowadays.

For machine processing, solid/hard polishing foams on a rotary polisher are recommended. The abrasive effect can be increased with a wool or microfiber pad. Manual processing with a solid hand pad is also possible. Emblems and plastic parts can be protected with masking tape. Remove any residue of the abrasive paste with a soft polishing cloth.

Our recommendations:

  • Menzerna HC400 is a classic abrasive polishing paste that works on a solid pad and already creates a nice gloss finish.
  • Gyeon Q²M Compound+ is a water-based abrasive paste that is also used as a preparation for coatings.