Akut SOS Clean

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AKUT SOS Clean is a German manufacturer, which has already for 25 years the topics of cleaning, odor neutralization, disinfection and pest control written on the flag. Originally coming from the field of crime scene cleaning and decontamination, the product range now extends to professional odor neutralization in the car care industry.

Especially when it comes to professionally cleaning up a vehicle and getting rid of unpleasant odors, the products of AKUT SOS CLEAN come into play. Unpleasant odors are not only covered up, but tackled at the root and effectively eliminated.

We could convince ourselves of the effectiveness of the products and are sure to be able to offer an effective weapon against unpleasant odors. The areas of application are endlessly expandable and whoever is looking for an effective helper against bad odors such as cigarette stink or dog smell will find it here.

For professional car detailers:

  • SMELL OFF Long Life Spray in the 300ml can
  • BIO FRESH biologischer Breitband-Geruchskiller

For private use and on the road the small Pocket Editions are ideal:

  • SMELL OFF Pocket Edition Spray 15ml
  • SMOKE OFF Pocket Edition Spray 15ml