First-class GYEON paint protection film in various variations and all accessories for the applications. The manufacturer GYEON offers courses in its training program ….

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.... for the  proper handling of PPF. Visit the website www.gyeon.de for further information. GYEON PPF paint protection film with a 10-year guarantee.

  • PPF Enhance - the new standard in the PPF film market: protective film with extreme clarity and depth, self-healing, protects against mechanical damage without visual impairment
  • PPF Protect+ - thick and hydrophobic paint protection film with high gloss, greater self-healing ability, and easy application

For PPF maintenance and increased protective effect

  • GYEON Q²M PPF Wash for handwashing
  • GYEON Q² PPF Coating as a topping
  • GYEON Q²M Maintain maintenance and refreshment of the PPF Coating