ProfiPolish Wash-Box

  • All-round carefree microfiber box
  • Contains washing glove, drying towels, polishing towels and a glass towel
  • Super absorbent and gentle to the paint
  • Microfiber Made in Korea
  • Available immediately
  • Delivery time: 1 - 3 workdays * (DE - int. shipments may differ)
49,90 €
Manufacturers recommended retail price: 58,16 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs (Standard)

The ProfiPolish Wash Box is a sensible compilation of various microfiber products to be prepared for all kind of work on your vehicle.
Two super-soft premium polishing towels are included for the use of polish, wax or detailer. To make the car wash a success, the box includes aswell a wash mitt and two drying towels in different sizes. For cleaning dirty glass surfaces, a glass polishing towel rounds off the contents of the box.

All items are of course quality - Made in Korea. All towels are made of 70% polyester and 30% polyamide and are machine washable up to a maximum of 60 degrees. For the drying towels we recommend a washing temperature of 40 degrees.

Polishing towel Korea Super Plush:
The super soft Korea Super Plus measures 60 cm x 40 cm and has a basis weight of 550g/m². It's just darn soft, feels supple and doesn't leave scratches on delicate surfaces because of its high pile. This makes the towel perfect for an optimal paint finish.

Polishing towel Citrus:
The ultra-soft Citrus Towel measures 40 cm x 40 cm and has a basis weight of 450g/m². The Citrus towel is suitable for all paint and interior work, but especially for finish work such as polishing out wax and applying detailers.

Wash mitt White Shorty:
Dirt and impurities are safely removed, thanks to the short-pile fibers, dirt cannot get caught in the material. The soft material ensures effective and gentle washing. Dirt and residues are thoroughly removed.

Drying towel Orange Twister Junior:
The Orange Twister Junior measures 55 cm x 48 cm and has a basis weight of 500g/m². A significant difference to other drying towels lies in the manufacturing process, because both the warp and the weft are knitted from the same fine mix of materials, which is why the Twister absorbs larger quantities and consequently dries faster than other towels, where usually only the weft is made of higher-quality material.

Drying towel Twin Twister:
The Twin Twister measures 90 cm x 50 cm and has a basis weight of 1000g/m². The twisted pile design on both sides glides smoothly over all vehicle surfaces and ensures gentle drying. This towel is the optimal solution for all those who are looking for a "state of the art" drying towel with high water absorption capacity.

Glass polishing towel Cloudless:
The Cloudless polishing towel measures 60 cm x 42 cm and has a basis weight of 350g/m². The short pile polishing towel with its two sides is optimally suited for cleaning glass surfaces. The firmer, slightly abrasive side can be used to remove all impurities from the glass, while the soft side can be used for a streak-free finish.

• 1x ProfiPolish microfiber polishing towel Korea Super Plush PP924P
• 1x ProfiPolish microfiber polishing towel Citrus PP916Y
• 1x ProfiPolish microfiber wash mitt White Shorty PPMITT2
• 1x ProfiPolish microfiber drying towel Orange Twister Junior PP917OTJR
• 1x ProfiPolish microfiber drying towel Twin Twister PP917TT
• 1x ProfiPolish microfiber glass-polishing towel Cloudless PP988C