ZAINO Z-6 Ultra Clean Spray 473 ml

  • ART.NR.: Z-6
  • Cleans quickly without water and renews the protection of Zaino sealants
  • Enhances shine for exceptionally deep gloss
  • Antistatic
  • Ultra-smooth paint surface
  • UV protection
  • Also ideal for wheels
  • 473 ml for up to 30 applications
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H302|H332Warnings according CLP regulation
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Z-6 Ultra Clean is an optional addition to the Show Car Polish range. It further enhances the visual effects of the Show Car Polishes with a total of seven optical brighteners for the unmistakable Zaino Wet Look.

We recommend it for quickly cleaning the paint from dust, water spots, and light contaminants between washes - naturally without scratching.

It forms a strong molecular bond with the Show Car Polish to enhance depth of gloss, optical clarity, smoothness, durability, and UV protection. The antistatic composition reduces dirt and dust adhesion by up to 60%. Z-6 Ultra Clean leaves no streaks, smears, or clouds.

A must for quick show shine. Spray concentrate. Less than 30ml is sufficient for a standard vehicle.

  • Content: 473 ml
  • Spray a small amount of Z-6 Ultra Clean onto an approximately 30 cm x 30 cm area
  • Immediately wipe it off with a soft microfiber cloth
  • Rotate the cloth frequently
  • Repeat the process until the entire surface is treated
  • You will notice the paint becoming even softer and smoother


  • Z-6 Ultra Clean is highly concentrated, so a tiny amount is sufficient for a large area
  • Since such fine dosing can sometimes be challenging, you can dilute Z-6 Ultra Clean with distilled water up to 1:1
  • Start with a lower dilution
  • Gradually approach the dilution that works best for you
  • This way, you'll also save plenty of Z-6 Ultra Clean
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