3M Perfect-It Exzenterpoliermaschine 15 mm / 21 mm

  • ART.NR.: V34102E
  • The 3M eccentric polishing machine and the finish system prevent streaks, holograms, and sand-throughs
  • They enable a high-quality finish on various paints and clear coats
  • With lower centrifugal speed and suitable abrasive pastes, polishes, and pads
  • Easy handling, variable speed control, and a 15 or 21 mm stroke
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No streaks, holograms, or sand-throughs with the 3M eccentric polishing machine and the finish system. Achieve a consistently high-quality finish on various paints and clear coats. Its circular and oscillating motion, along with our compatible abrasive paste, polish, and pads, prevents unwanted holograms that typically occur with conventional rotary polishers.

The 3M Perfect-It eccentric polishing machine and the corresponding abrasive pastes, polishes, and pads produce a lower centrifugal speed than rotary tools and no holograms. You no longer need to worry about over-polishing. Easy setup and handling ensure that you can achieve a consistently high-quality finish every time. The polisher is available in 15 mm and 21 mm stroke options, with variable speed control and a progressive speed trigger to ensure the right speed for your job.

The 3M™ Perfect-It eccentric polishing machine is available with a 15 mm stroke and a 130 mm support pad or a 21 mm stroke with a 150 mm support pad. The generous 9-meter cable means you'll spend less time managing cables. The device is part of the user-friendly 3M Perfect-It eccentric polishing paint finishing system, which includes pads, polishes, and tools. The system is designed to achieve a high-quality surface finish regardless of the user's skill level. The included standard operating procedure guide provides step-by-step instructions for automotive paint finishing.

  • Support Pad Diameter: 130 mm / 150 mm
  • Stroke Length: 15 mm / 21 mm
  • Power: 500 Watts
  • RPM: 3000-5200 / 3000-4500
  • Weight: 2.6 kg / 2.7 kg
  • Speed Controller: Yes
  • Cable Length: 8 m

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