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 Overview of GYEON coatings for...

Overview of GYEON coatings for painted surfaces. You will find detailed descriptions within the item page.

  • Cancoat Spray sealant in pump spray bottle, super easy to apply and versatile, e.g. topping for Mohs or Pure as a hydrophobic booster. Durability 12 months / 12,000 km
  • One Entry-level coating for private users who have previously only used waxes. Very easy to apply, good durability and performance. Durability 24 months / 25,000 km
  • Pure Coating with highest content of SiO2. Maximum gloss level, candy gloss, highly hydrophobic. Durability 36 months / 40,000 km
  • Mohs / Matte Hardest GYEON Coating with the strongest molecular bonding. Durability 36 months / 40,000 km
  • Syncro Professional coating for all private/pro detailers who prefer a 2K system. Durability 48 months / 50,000 km
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