FLEX air purifier VAC 800-EC HEPA 14 - SALE

  • ART.NR.: 505749
  • FLEX Luftreiniger mit HEPA (Covid19) Filter
  • Besonders leise Filterturbine 58 dB
  • 3 Filterstufen mit langer Lebensdauer
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Simply clean air

Air purifier for massive reduction of pollutants in rooms

Pollutants in indoor air cause enormous pollution - especially in offices, medical practices, restaurants, etc., this can become a real problem. The FLEX air purifier can help with this: Virus-laden aerosols, bacteria, dusts as well as pollen are combated. This not only ensures a healthier indoor climate, it also reduces the amount of viruses in the room air to a minimum.

Set up, switch on - clean air

The first two filter stages collect dust as well as larger particles (an additional activated carbon filter also filters unpleasant odors). The HEPA 14 stage then filters the smallest particles out of the air - this ensures a long service life of the filter system as well as optimal cleaning of the air. The FLEX VAC 800-EC is simply placed in the room:

  • The room air is sucked in at the front
  • The air passes through the 3-stage filter system
  • Virus-laden aerosols, bacteria, pollen and dust don't stand a chance: the filters capture them
  • Clean, purified air is released into the room

Within 2 hours a complete room of up to 36sqm is cleaned with only one machine.

The FLEX air purifier is designed for continuous operation and the quiet working noise of 58 dB makes it possible to work comfortably in the room.

  • Power input 170 watt
  • Nominal power consumption 1,7 - 1,45 A
  • No load speed 0-3930 rpm
  • Max. volume flow 544 m³/h
  • Filter surface H13 > 7,26 m²
  • Protection 10 VA
  • Dust extraction connection Ø 125 mm
  • Sound pressure level 1 m, 58 dB(A)
  • Cable length 3,5 m
  • Size, complete unit ( W x L x H) 373 x 400 x 508 mm
  • Weight (without filter) 7,2 kg
  • 1 pc FLEX VAC 800-EC Air Protect 14
  • 1 pc Pre-filter mat G3
  • 1 pc Coarse filter G4
  • 1 pc HEPA filter H14

What does the H14 filter retain?

HEPA 14 filters retain more than 99.995% of particles between 0.2µm and 0.3µm.

What room size is the VAC800 suitable for?

The suitable room size depends on several factors, such as the desired air exchange rate, the room height and, of course, the set turbine power. So the usage can vary between 10 and 40m². In order to be able to set the VAC 800-EC correctly, there is an overview table on the back of the unit.

How often can I use the different filters?

Due to the different filter levels, all filters have different lifetimes. They depend on the amount of dust they need to remove. If you use the VAC 800-EC on a construction site, the filters usually have the following lifetime: the pre-filter should be changed twice a week, the G4 filter weekly and the HEPA filter every 3 months. If you are using the VAC 800 in an office, the HEPA filter can last up to one year. In addition, a "green" light on the control panel indicates that the VAC 800-EC is operating properly. When the light changes to "red", the filters must be replaced, taking all protective measures into account.

Do I have to leave the room while the machine is cleaning the air?

No, you can stand right next to the machine and breathe in the clean fresh air.

What is the noise level of the FLEX VAC 800-EC?

Sound pressure level max. 58db(A) in comparison: Entertainment: 40-60 db(A) Cars: 80-90 db(A) What is the power consumption of the FLEX VAC 800-EC? The air purifier VAC 800-EC is designed for continuous operation. Power consumption between 1,45A`-1,7A` Power consumption: 170W

Do I need to use a suction hose or an exhaust hose?

No, it is not necessary to use a hose.

Does it really work with circulating air?

Yes, almost all particles are reliably captured by the filter. They remain in the filter, the air is cleaned and fresh air is released.