CQuartz Series

 CQuartz is a silicon-based nanotechnology...

CQuartz is a silicon-based nanotechnology paint coating that keeps potential hazards such as UV rays, washing, dirt and grime off the paint for approx. 12 months. Specially developed for European conditions, CQuartz UK-Edition is popular with private and commercial users alike.

A further development of CQuartz's 10-year proven formula is CQuartz SiC, which was launched in the beginning of 2021.

CQuartz DLUX is recommended especially for rims and is also suitable for plastic surfaces such as trims or bumpers.

Further highlights are the glass sealants Flyby30 and the premium product Flyby Forte as well as the fabric coating CQuartz Fabric, which can be used to effectively coat convertible tops and seat upholstery against water and dirt.