Battery tools

Flex battery-powered tools impress with their functionality and quality. The FLEX Electronic Management System (EMS) protects the machine, prolongs its lifespan, and increases ….

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….  efficiency. Each component (tool, charger, and battery) contains a separate chip, allowing the EMS to facilitate communication between these chips. During the charging process, the electronics in the battery pack monitor and measure voltage, temperature, and current, thereby controlling the charging parameters. The electronics in the battery pack assess the charge status and determine the appropriate charging cycle with specific parameters. This command is then transmitted to the charger, which precisely follows the battery pack's instructions. The result is a situation-dependent and gentle charging process for the battery pack, significantly extending its lifespan.

The charger recognizes the battery and receives the following information: charge level, temperature, manufacturing date, and charging cycles. Based on these parameters, the charger provides the battery with the appropriate charge and simultaneously cools or heats it using built-in fans. An empty battery is 80% charged within 20 minutes, making it ready for use. The full capacity is reached after an additional 20 minutes.

Similarly, the tool and battery communicate in a similar manner. The battery recognizes which tool it is inserted into and optimizes its power output accordingly.