BLO AIR-RS Car Dryer Small Single Unit 2200 W

Item number: BLO-RS

ordered, expected on 28.02.2020
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Drying your car with huge amounts of warm filtered air is not only safer, it is fun! The BLO Car Dryers offer non-contact drying to eliminate swirls and scratches that can happen during a regular touch/towel drying method.

Designed and specified in the USA, BLO Car Dryers suit everyone from car enthusiasts who want every last drop of water BLOwn away, through to professional detailers that need a fast and safe drying solution for premium vehicles.

The small single unit AIR-RS is a compact Car Dryer that packs a big punch. Ideal for safely and easily drying cars and motorcycles, driving out water from every vent, mirror or hiding spot. Do not let this lightweight car blower fool you, it packs a huge 5.5HP motor and comes with a 16" (5 Meter) Cord and 16" (5 Meter) Hose to reach right around your car or bike.

Is using a dedicated forced air car dryer really necessary? We say YES! Drying your car after a regular wash is the moment in time in which you'll most likely introduce the micro surface scratches in the paint clearcoat that build over time and create unsightly swirl marks.

By using a BLO Car Dryer it is not only safer, but faster and more efficient, and you will get all the tricky spots that drip water like the mirrors, handles and trim. Both BLO AIR Dryers are highly specified and utilize only super-efficient motors and premium components. They produce a more focused, powerful output than most other dryers and come with added benefits of a long hose, comfortable handle, variable speed control and the GT comes with a swiveling wheel set - in short they are probably the best dryers you can use on your car, bike, motorcycle, boat and any other toys.
  • 5.5HP via a Single Motor
  • Long 16" / 5M Hose
  • Variable Air Speed Control
  • Warm Filtered Air
  • Long 16" / 5M Power Cord
  • Power Supply 220-240V
  • Weight approx 5kg tare
  • 2 Year Warranty